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Tesla Model X 60D – DEPOSIT TAKEN


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Our latest Model X is one of the best value Teslas on the market today. The Model X is a superb car and we know you wont be disappointed with our current model.

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The Tesla Model X

Much like the Model S that preceded it; the Model X was a revolutionary car when it launched. No one had ever designed a large SUV-bodied EV before and the Tesla Model X was an immediate success.

The Model X is an unbelievable car to drive. The performance, design, and range on offer are hard to beat with any other electric vehicle on offer. The Model X is incredibly spacious and the drive is so seamlessly smooth, you often forget the car’s size when it’s on the road.

Range and Charging

Tesla really do lead the market when it comes to long distance travel in electric cars. The Tesla supercharger network is so extensive that any long journey in the UK and Europe can be easily accommodated. The Model X 60D has a 60kWh battery pack which is still larger than almost all other EVs available on sale today.

The Tesla Model X 60D may achieve 160-190 miles on a charge depending on conditions, driving style, load etc. This is a huge range in the UK and is covers pretty much all journeys within the country. When you do need a charge on the go, the Tesla Supercharger network allows for quick, easy charging. On this 2017 Model X, the car also benefits from Free Supercharging.

Tesla model X Supercharging


The first time you accelerate in a Model X, you will be amazed at how effortlessly the car picks up speed. The instant torque available from the electric motors provides an incredible surge of power that makes overtaking and quick getaways a breeze. Anyone coming from a fast petrol vehicle will be impressed by the Tesla’s turn of speed.

The car feels much faster than it’s 4.9 second 0-60 time. It is an amazing feeling to accelerate faster than almost every other vehicle on the road without causing any noise or disturbance to the world around you. The Model X has a sensation of speed that is hard to explain as the higher driving position brings a whole new perspective on the road ahead.


Our Model X 60D is well specified; it comes with:

  • Midnight Silver Metallic Paintwork
  • Autopilot AP2 with Summon
  • Smart Air Suspension
  • 6 Seat Configuration
  • Full Black Leather Seats
  • Tow Pack
  • Ash Wood Decor
  • Full-length Glass Panoramic Sunroof
  • 20″ Alloy Wheels
  • 17″ Touchscreen Control and Media System
  • All the brilliant Tesla Easter Eggs and Extra Special Features

If you have any questions about the specification of this car, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Interior Storage and Practicality

Due to Tesla’s “skateboard” design for the Model X; the car offers a huge volume of storage. In this 6 seat specification; there is a huge amount of rear boot space available with the seats up and an astonishing 2492L of storage space with the seats down; the boot can handle just about everything you throw at it. The boot capacity is larger than just about everything else on the market. On top of this, the Model X offers extra storage in it’s “Frunk” front boot as well as another storage cubby underneath the boot floor. As the Model X does not have a conventional engine in the front and exhaust at the back- Tesla wisely chose to add more storage under the bonnet and in all the available gaps.

Tesla Model X Boot with the Seats Down

Battery and Drive Unit Warranty

Tesla supplied an 8 year, unlimited miles warranty with the Model X 75D. The remainder of which is still active for the new owner of this vehicle. Tesla lead the way in battery technology and there are many Models driving around with well over 200,000 miles on the clock.

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