BMW i3 94Ah


The BMW i3 is a revolutionary carbon-fibre car with fantastic performance and a genius layout. This model comes with the fantastic Protonic Blue paintwork. See the full description below for full details.


The BMW i3

Th i3 was a revolutionary new design from BMW in 2013. As the first mass production car constructed largely from carbon-fibre; BMW decided to completely change the way we look at a modern small-vehicle. This move to a lighter, stronger material enabled BMW to offer fantastic performance and efficiency whilst offering a brilliant cabin design that famously has no central B pillars. The i3 represents a great used electric car purchase as it showcases all of the benefits an electric car can offer.

Driving and Performance

Driving the BMW i3 94aH in the full electric mode has a maximum power of 125kW or 168hp. The BMW i3 94Ah is rear wheel drive and can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in 7.2 seconds, the top speed is 93mph.

Range and Charging

The battery in a 94aH BMW i3 has a total capacity of 33.2kWh of this 27.2kWh is usable. The miles achieved on a fully charged battery is approximately 120 miles however the the range will depend on several factors that include climate, terrain, use of air-conditioning systems and driving style.

Charging on a BMW i3 is done by using a Type 2 connector, the maximum speed using this is 7.4kW. This means that using a 7kW home charging point it will charge to 100% in 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Rapid charging is also possible on this car through the CCS connection. This was an optional extra thank allot the car to be charged from 10% – 80% in only 30 minutes using a fast charge, this would add approximately 70 miles of range. The CCS charger can accept a maximum charge power of 47kW however the average speed will be around 40kW.

Specification and Features

This BMW i3 benefits from some great manufacturers optional extras including:

  • Stunning Protonic Blue paintwork
  • Upgraded 19″ BMW 428 Alloy Wheels
  • Park Assist Package
    • Reversing Camera
    • Front and Rear Sensors
    • Automated Self Parking Function

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